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Programs & Curriculum

At SmartKids Child Care & Learning Center, we offer two locations, in Meadowlands and Washington, PA, where children experience creative, age-appropriate learning. Our certified teachers all have a background in early childhood education, and we are committed to ensuring your child’s development and love of learning. We offer indoor and outdoor classrooms and learning centers, where children are encouraged to work with others and explore their interests while also receiving a structured education. Learn more about our programs and curriculum below!


At SmartKids, we put emphasis on the importance of learning through hands-on activities. We encourage the children to socialize with each other through working in small and large groups, and our lessons are child-initiated and teacher-directed.


Our curriculum is based on the Creative Curriculum Series, which puts an emphasis on the importance of learning through creativity, discovery and exploring, so children can develop their confidence and critical thinking. Our programs meet the requirements of the PA Keys Learning Standards for Early Childhood. We also incorporate SPARK physical education curriculum, so we can ensure children grow up healthy and strong.


To assess our students’ progress, we perform work sampling and assessments provided through the Creative Curriculum. For infants and toddlers we use the Ounce Scale, which records their behavior and development. We also ask parents to complete the Ages & Stages® questionnaires, which allow us to make sure infants and toddlers are experiencing developmental milestones at a healthy pace.

Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Programs are designed to help children explore their interests and the world around them. We offer the following programs:
• Bug Camp
• Color Me Healthy
• Community Connections
• Dinosaur School
• Discovering Diversity
• Gardening Projects
• Going Green Initiatives
• Growing Up Wild
• Kindergarten Readiness
• Sign Language
• Spanish
• Tutoring
• Piano Lessons
• Hip-Hop

Before & After School Programs

For our before- and after-school programs, we provide transportation:
From Meadowlands Center to and from Allison Park, South Central, and North Strabane Intermediate

We are a Keystone 4-STAR rated child care center! Call 724-746-1281 for our Meadowlands center or 724-229-9110 for our Washington center. And be sure to check out our upcoming events !