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As a Keystone 4-STAR rated child care center, SmartKids Child Care & Learning Center offers the nurturing and education your child deserves to develop important skills and a lifelong love of learning. We believe it is essential for every child to have exposure to quality early education. That’s why we offer a wide range of classrooms, designed to provide the learning and experiences needed for each individual age group. We offer two locations, in Meadowlands and Washington, PA.

Infant Room
(Birth-12 Months)

Our Infant Room is dedicated to helping children achieve important developmental milestones. Children explore and discover their world in a variety of ways: this room has toys that incorporate different textures, soothing lullaby music, descriptive language, and photographs of both the children in the class and around the world. The teachers in this room are committed to making sure your child’s schedule in class is similar to the schedule parents have created at home, and we make sure the individual needs of all infants are met.

Toddler Room
(12 Months-3 Years)

In our Toddler Room, there is always something exciting happening! At this age, children are developing their gross and fine motor and language skills, and our teachers encourage further growth in these areas, by using descriptive language, singing and dancing, and putting on plays with the children. In this room, we introduce the toddlers to our learning centers, and we allow them to practice independence skills, including potty-training and self-feeding.

Preschool Room
(3 & 4 Year Olds)

When in the Preschool Room, children further develop the skills and learning they worked on in the Toddler Room, as well as become increasingly independent. Preschoolers are able to use our learning centers, where they are able to play and socialize with other children. At this age, children are more interested in forming relationships with others and in learning to write. During the day, we help children learn their letters, numbers, colors and shapes, through working with small groups, the learning centers, and providing storytime. We also allow children to express themselves through experimentation with art.

Pre-K Room
(4 & 5 Year Olds)

In the Pre-K Room, children are getting ready to enter Kindergarten. At this stage, children have the fine motor skills to work on cutting and pasting, plus developing their writing skills through writing letters, numbers and their names. During class, we read stories, play music, experiment with art, develop gross and fine motor skills and work in small groups. Children are also increasingly interested in forming relationships and friendships with their classmates. In our learning centers, we encourage Pre-K students to explore the topics and activities that interest them.

School Age Rooms
(5-12 Years)

Our school-age students enjoy our before- and after-school programs and Summer Camp. Children in these ages are increasingly independent and are forming deep friendships with each other. During our programs, we not only work on enhancing children’s socialization skills, but we also work on math, science, reading and writing, as well as just learning more about the world around us. Through art, creative writing and interest clubs, children are able to express themselves and find other students with similar interests.useful linkscustom phone caseelf bar 5000like this

Outdoor Classrooms

Along with our indoor classrooms, we also have outdoor classrooms and learning centers where students can engage in nature-based play and explore their world. We have obtained certification through Nature Explore for our outdoor nature play space.

Call 724-746-1281 for our Meadowlands center or 724-229-9110 for our Washington center for more information on why smart parents choose SmartKids. Be sure to take a look at our upcoming events!